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The Best Places in Calgary to Watch the World Cup 2014

Thursday, June 12th, 2014









After a long 4 year wait, that exciting time has finally arrived. The World Cup hosted in Brazil officially commenced today. This massive event brings billions of viewers worldwide to root on their prospective football/ soccer teams and countries.

Here in Calgary we can expect to see the streets flooded with the jerseys representing the 32 nations at the World Cup. Events like this are great for bringing out large groups of people to support our local Calgary businesses, especially pubs because what’s better than having a beer and cheering for your favourite team!

We put together a list of Calgary bars and pubs that we recommend checking out for the World Cup festivities to grab a bite, a beverage and to join your fellow countrymen and women in cheering on your team on their road to glory!

St. James Corner

1219 1 St SW

St James









St. James Corner will be playing all of the World Cup soccer games live with sound. The bar will be open for games starting at 10 am and will be serving a breakfast special until 11 am. For more information please call (403) 262-1157 or email or visit St James Corner.

Ship & Anchor

534 17 Ave SW










Ship & Anchor is known as having a great soccer culture in Calgary as they play many live games throughout the year. This will make it a great place to check out a game or two throughout the World Cup as you will be sure to find many die-hard and passionate fans. Ship & Anchor will be playing all the games live with sound and feature many screens throughout the bar, not too mention a massive patio tv! For more information please call 403-245-3333 or visit Ship & Anchor

Jamesons 17th Avenue Uptown

1230 17 Ave SW











Jamesons Irish Pub on 17th Ave will be playing all of the games in full sound throughout the Fifa World Cup as well. If you decide to watch a world cup game at Jamesons you will be entered to win an official FIFA Jersey or Scarf. Jamesons will be offering breakfast every day and will be serving authentic FIFA World Cup Brazil bottles of Heinken, Carlsberg and Budweiser. For more information call (403) 984. 9445 or visit Jamesons 17th Avenue Uptown.

National on 17th

550 17th ave SW











National On 17th will be playing many of the games live with sound and they are well stocked with TVs. Take a look at National On 17th for their listings of FIFA World Cup games that they will be showing.


We hope you enjoy the World Cup and we can’t wait to see our Calgary streets flooded with fans!

Sabroso Restaurant Review

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

We thought we would change things up a little bit with the Home Sweet Home Team blogs about and provide our readers with reviews of some of our great Calgary dining experiences and some recommendations for new, trendy Calgary eating spots that you just have to check out!

Today for lunch the Home Sweet Home Team went to one of the newest restaurant additions to the Downtown Calgary food scene, Sabroso Restaurant. Sabrosos is located right off 17th Ave Calgary at 1504 16th Ave SW.

The atmosphere in Sabrosos is great and fits very well with their Latin American theme and food offering. The service was great and the food was even better. It was very authentic and different than any kind of Latin American food we have ever tried in Calgary. The chicken tostados, chimichurri steak, steak and chicken arepas were all amazing. For a latin American place they also made a mean Caesar, which is something you definitely need to have to survive in the Calgary food scene!

Sabrosos is one of our new favorite spots in Calgary. We will definitely be returning in the near feature and we recommend you check it out!

Tips For Reducing Your Summer Energy Bill

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

June 21st is quickly approaching and you all know what that means….Summer will officially commence!

Along with patio season, summer barbeques, hiking, soccer, baseball, golf and all the other activities that we all love participating in being in full swing, there is one benefit of summertime that many of us forget about, and that is the best season to conserve your homes energy. Not to mention some much needed savings on those energy bills you dread receiving once a month. Although you might need to crank up the AC a few days, the Home Sweet Home Team has a few tips to cut your summer energy usage while enjoying our great Calgary summer, which never lasts long enough!











1. Barbecuing- Get outside and enjoy the few perfect months a year we are graced with for barbeque season. Avoid heating up the kitchen and save on your electricity and AC costs.

2. Take Advantage of the Outdoors- The more time you spend outdoors playing those summer sports we all love, or going for a walk or the occasional picnic, the less time you will be spending inside using your lights etc.!

3. Become a Fan of the Fan- Using your ceiling fan, if you have one, combined with a few open windows, will maximize the air circulation in your home and minimize the amount of money you spend on air conditioning.

4. Smart Gardening- For one, planting an abundance of trees and shrubs will increase the curb appeal of your home. Not only do luscious trees and shrubs look good, they will help shade against the heat in the summer. Your energy savings will grow just as your shade trees do.

5. Tune up Your Central Air Conditioning System- Don’t forget to start off the summer season by tuning up your AC system to ensure everything is working as effective and efficient as possible. For those with a window AC system, make sure you change the filter at least once a summer season if not more to ensure optimal air conditioning.

6. In With the New- If you have an archaic air conditioning system, it is probably a good time to upgrade to a newer system. Over the years, air conditioning systems have became much more energy efficient. Look for one with a high energy star rating.

7. Line Drying Your Clothes- If you are as worried about shrinking your clothes as I am, you probably already do this. If you don’t, line drying your clothes outdoor is a great way to eliminate some of your energy costs and be more GREEN!

8. Outdoor Security Lights- Ensure that your outdoor security lights are on the motion detector setting so they are only using energy when they absolutely need to be.

We hope this helps put a couple extra dollars in your pocket and hey, it never hurts to improve your global footprint and strive to be a little more green!

For many more home tips, Calgary market information, specific Calgary property information or if you are interested in selling or buying a Calgary home, please Contact Us today! We are the Home Sweet Home Team and we are your Calgary Real Estate Connection.

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Home Sweet Home Prize Contest

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Who likes free stuff? Who are we kidding, doesn’t everybody!

Today marks the first ever Home Sweet Home Facebook Prize Give away. Entering is simple. All you have to do is like our page on Facebook and like our prize give away post. Easy huh?

Make sure you keep an eye on our page. We will be doing monthly giveways!


Call this Private Fantasy Island Your Home Today

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Ever dreamt of walking out of your front door, jumping on to your jet ski and going for a short ride to Cuba?

Well then you have a found your dream home. For the minimal cost of $15.8 Mil you can call this island your home. One can dream right?

Take a look at this amazing private island equipped with a breathtaking home, jungle, a local caretaker and an entire island to practice your golf skills!












If you are interested in looking at a photo gallery of this little piece of heaven, visit

Famous Rafter Six Ranch Resort Outside of Calgary For Sale

Monday, February 11th, 2013


CALGARY — An iconic piece of Alberta history, nestled near the Kananaskis River, is available for purchase.

The Rafter Six Ranch Resort, where movies have been filmed and where famous Hollywood stars have stayed, is listed for sale at $12.5 million by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada.

“We’ve had it listed for under six months. We’ve had some pretty good institutional interested investors. We actually have quite a few buyers who are interested in it. It’s definitely a property for somebody who is looking at running a business out of it. It could definitely be a strong business,” said Daren Gull, realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada in Calgary.

“In Sotheby’s, it’s definitely one of the Sotheby’s premier ranches right across North America … It’s actually really put Calgary on the map as far as ranching communities internationally. It’s so unique.”

The property is currently owned by a bank. The resort currently is still operating.

It sits on 30 hectares of land that is bordered on the east side by the Kananaskis River, just minutes south of the Highway 1 and the Seebee turnoff, about 90 kilometres west of Calgary and 20 kilometres east of Canmore in the Municipal District of Bighorn.

The Sotheby’s listing says the purchase price includes a 19,116-square-foot, three-storey guest lodge that has 18 guest rooms, a dining room, a coffee shop and two meeting rooms. A 6,326-square-foot hall is utilized for a variety of group events that can hold up to 400 guests. A 2,430-square-foot church was built in 1996 for about 100 guests and incudes a choir loft, fireplace, and finished basement.

The barn and tack shop is 5,041 square feet surrounded by corrals. There are eight guest cabins, and four chalets ranging from 368 square feet to 1,266 square feet. There is also a 2,700-square-foot Quonset. The property includes a 3,400-square-foot, two-storey, owner’s residence, and various out structures.

The property has a rich history. According to the Rafter Six Ranch Resort website: “In the 1880s Colonel James Walker of the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) established a rough line shack, and pastured and bred horse’s on the land that today is Rafter Six Ranch.”

The website says that in the 1940s a location scout for Walt Disney Pictures discovered the Rafter Six Ranch.

“Walt Disney visited Rafter Six Ranch, and was so taken with the stunning scenery, that soon a steady stream of Disney Productions were using the Ranch. A cabin was specially built for Walt Disney — and still carries his name,” says the website.

“River of No Return, was Marilyn Monroe’s first movie, and many of the scenes were shot on and around the ranch. Rafter Six Ranch has been the backdrop for many wilderness themed Movies and TV Shows. Productions like, Grizzly Adams, Wilderness Family, Wolf Boy, and Across the Great Divide … have all been shot at the Resort.”

In 1994, the television movie, How the West Was Fun, using the ranch’s name, starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and was filmed on location.

The website says some of the guests and visitors over the years have included: Charles Bronson; Paul Newman; Martin Mull; Robert Logan; Lee Marvin; Kevin Costner; Robert Mitchum; Stuart Margolin; and Hardy Kruger.

Over the years, the ranch has been used for a variety of activities including: weddings; corporate retreats and meetings; lodging; horseback adventures; whitewater rafting; treetop ropes and zipline; entertainment; winter adventures; and dining.

Twitter: MTone123

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Calgarys Best Dining Spots

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Avenue Magazine just released an article on the top dining spots in Calgary for 2012. What do you think of the list? There are a few of my personal favorites on there. Go out there and try a few of these amazing restaurants. You won’t be disappointed!


Century 21 Superbowl Commercial

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Once again the Superbowl has come and gone. Whether you actually enjoy watching football or you’re just interested in stuffing your face, the Superbowl is always a jam packed entertaining day. One of my favorite parts of the Superbowl is checking out the over-the-top, extravagant commercials.

I might be biased but one of my personal favorites was this years Century 21 commercial. Take a look at it below and let us know know your thoughts!

Century 21 Superbowl Commercial



Beautiful Summer House in Norway

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Beautiful Summer House in Norway

When Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen first started their firm, they self-financed this beautiful summer house in Hardanger, Norway.

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 2

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 3

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 4

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 5

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 6

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 7

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 8

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 9

Beautiful Summer House in Norway 10

Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Modern electrical outlets and creative power strips from all over the world.

Socket Pocket

Creative phone-pocket for your electrical outlet. [link]

Socket Pocket

Hang On Outlet

It is a basic power outlet with a little extra lip to hold on to your lose plugs, keeping your power management neat and tidy. [link]

Hang On Outlet

Hang On Outlet 2

Hang On Outlet 3

Wall Cleats

What use is an electrical plug when you’re not plugged in? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate increase its function. [link]

Wall Cleats

Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet

These unique wall safes allow you to hide valuables inside one of many identical looking wall outlets you already have in your home, the last place someone is likely to look. [link]

Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet


Electrical “power pod” made of thermoplastic rubber and with four plug outlets is the first in a series of Artecnica products called Wiremore, which will make electrical cables more, rather than less, visible. [link]


WirePod 2

Swivel Sockets

Swivel sockets rotate 90 degrees for compact use in tight spaces. [link]

Swivel Sockets

Donut Power Strip

Each outlet can spin inside its socket for the best fit. The donut shape also helps to keep cabling organized. [link]

Donut Power Strip

Donut Power Strip 2

E-Rope Power Strip

Power strip that allows users to add or subtract sockets as needed. [link]

E-Rope Power Strip

Picket Fence

The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants. [link]

Picket Fence

E-Ball Multiplug Connector

Modern power strip concept by MASHALLAH.DESIGN. [link]

E-Ball Multiplug Connector

E-Ball Multiplug Connector 2

Plug with a Hole Concept

Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. Therefore, you need a better solution. This plug comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily. [link]

Plug with a Hole Concept

360 Electrical Outlet

360 Electrical is an electrical outlet plate where the two sockets spin 360 degrees to help manage bulky plugs. [link]

360 Electrical Outlet

Socket Deer Outlet Cover

These electrical outlet covers let you put your mobile phone on the wall as it recharges. [link]

Socket Deer Outlet Cover

Power Aware Cord

Electrical power strip in which the cord is designed to visualize the energy rather than hiding it. The current use of electricity is represented through glowing pulses, flow, and intensity of light. [link]

Power Aware Cord

Rozetkus Power Strip

Power strip that gives you free choice of which way to plug. [link]

Rozetkus Power Strip

Electroman Surge Protector

Here he comes to save the day – especially if you have more plugs than outlets. [link]

Electroman Surge Protector

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