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Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Avenue Calgary just released its list of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods to live. This is the fourth consecutive year that Avenue Calgary has released a list ranking Calgary’s best neighbourhoods to live in. Arbour Lake was this years winner!

What’s different and interesting about this year’s list, is surveys were submitted by Avenue Calgary’s subscribers with them voting on the neighbourhoods they felt are the most liveable in our great, booming city.

This years Calgary top neighborhoods to live were influenced most by factors such as neighbourhood safety, proximity to parks and pathways,  and whether the neighbours are friendly. The factors that the readers felt were least important in determining Calgary’s best neighbourhood were whether the houses in the neighbourhood looked similar or were uniform, whether the area was newly developed and whether the neighbourhood housed lots of large homes.

Other factors that Calgary residents considered very important when deciding on desirable neighbourhoods are the amenities that neighbourhood contains. The most important ones were great restaurants, schools, shopping and proximity to public transportation.

Calgary 2013 Most Desirable Neighbourhoods

1. Arbour lake                      6. Lake Bonavista

2. Acadia                               7. Hounsfield Heights / Briar Hill

3. Varsity                              8. Beltline

4. Brentwood                       9. Scarboro/ Sunalta West

5. Hillhurst                          10. Bridgeland / Riverside

For a full list of the best neighbourhoods as voted by Calgary residents please click here Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods


Do  you agree or disagree with the list?


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Calgary Businesses Offering Free and Discounted Services for Calgary Flood Relief

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

We want to start this post off by saying how proud every one of our Home Sweet Home Team members are to be a Calgarian. The  overwhelming support, strength, and resilience that our city has demonstrated in the wake of the devastation left by the Calgary Floods is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. As of June 24, 2013, Alberta Red Cross has fundraised $2.6 million to aid in Alberta Flood Relief. It is truly touching to see all the Calgary businesses that are doing their part to help the community recover from this disaster. In the past couple days there have been numerous restaurants that have been affected by the floods themselves offering free BBQs for the victims of the Calgary floods, volunteers and all others. We were fortunate to get to go to a couple of the BBQs yesterday at Alley Burger and Original Joes 4th St. and donate money to Alberta Red Cross.

We, at the Home Sweet Home Team, want to send out our sincerest sympathies to all those personally affected by the Calgary floods. We understand that the process of  cleaning up affected Calgary areas, and restoring homes back to their former state will be a time consuming and tough process. If there is anyway we can help those Calgary citizens and their families personally affected by the Calgary flood, please do hesitate to ask us. We have been offering support to our clients and anyone else that is effected by this tragedy, whether it be providing food, water, manpower to clean, anything at all. Please Contact Us today and let us know how we can help you!

For those evacuees returning home and are unsure what to check for to ensure your home is safe, here is the Welcome Home Guide from the City of Calgary. If you have been affected by the Calgary flood and are requiring assistance, here is the Canadian Cross Registration Form.

With major cleanup and restoration under way in the flood affected areas of Calgary, there are many Calgary businesses that are reaching out to the public to help out. We have compiled a list of the Calgary businesses that are going the extra mile, and are offering their generosity in the form of discounted and free services to help those recovering from the Calgary flood damage.

Calgary Businesses Offering Assistance Via Global Calgary: 


Action Auger- The Gentleman Plumbers

Offering to pump out people’s basements at no charge, until June 28.
Call 403-288-1111 or go to

Knight Plumbing and Heating

Offering free use of sump pumps to help clean basements. Call 403-282-1010

Shane Homes Living

The homebuilder has a number of generators available. Contact Nels at 403-371-5612 to arrange delivery.

Sons of Electric

The electricians are offering free electrical inspections in homes affected by flooding:

Pure Air Environment

Mold cleanup services at a reduced rate for flood victims:



U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to Calgary and Alberta residents who have been affected by flooding. People who need boxes can take part in the ‘Take a Box, Leave a Box’ program.
Call 403-235-1125 for more information.


Fercho Psychological Services

The private practice of clinical psychologists is offering at least two free counselling sessions for anyone experiencing stress or loss due to flooding.
They are located at 1921 5A Street S.W. call 403-245-3211 to set up an appointment.


Dr. Mike Hoiles at Calgary Sports Therapy is offering complimentary chiropractic care to firefighters, military personnel, EMS and police officers.
He is offering care until July 21. Call 403-237-0121 to book an appointment.

Massage Therapist

RMT Peter Sawan is offering free 15-20 minute massages. Call 403-801-8097.

Wentworth Medical and Walk-In Clinic

The clinic is offering its services to anyone who is not able to see their doctor, as well as anyone hurt during cleanup or needing a prescription.
They are located at 873 85 Street S.W., call 403-217-6453.

Hillhurst Healing Arts

The business is offering free showers, sauna sessions and massages to anyone affected by the floods. They will also do your laundry.
Call 403-614-4874 or go to

YMCA/Westside Recreation Centre

Members of the Eau Claire YMCA are being given free access to the Westside Recreation Centre.

GoodLife Fitness

The gyms have opened up their change rooms and shower facilities to those affected by floods. The offer is valid at all Calgary locations except for Eau Claire which is still closed due to flooding.

Kensington Fitness Studio

The gym is offering free showers and towel service to people who have been forced to leave their homes.
223 10 Street N.W., call 403-670-7120.


K9 Corner

The dog daycare is offering free dog daycare, free baths and half off boarding for the dogs of flood victims.
Go to or call Steve at 403-922-5224.

Pawsitively Natural Dog Daycare and Training Academy

The dog daycare is offering free baths for dogs and cats that were caught in floods. Calls 403-984-9247 to book an appointment.

Pet Lynx

People with pets who were affected by floods are being offered free access to the AnimalTRACS system for the next 30 days. The identification and recovery system includes a lifetime of animal registration, lost and found searches and picture posters. Go to www.petlynx.netand use coupon number IAMS-2013-YYC

Global Pet Foods

The store is raising money and collecting food and supplies to assist families who’ve had to relocate their animals. For every cash or supply donation, customers get 10 per cent off.
They are also offering dog and cat survival kits for those who lost their pet supplies.
They are located at 761 Northmount Dr. S.W. or call 403-457-1914


Reflections Weddings & Events

The event planning company is offering their services to help couples whose wedding plans have been derailed by the flooding. They will work with them to find a new venue at no charge, and have a whole team standing by. Click here for more details:

Alberta Flood Photo Restoration

The company is offering their services free of charge, to those whose photos were damaged in the floods.
Click here for information on where to send your photographs:

TLaw Photography

The photographer is offering a free session to any family who has lost family photos in the recent floods in Calgary:
Bella Vous Makeup Artistry is also offering free hair and makeup during the session

Elizabeth’s Everlasting Photography

The company is offering a free photo shoot to families that have lost their photos in flooding. Call 403-836-9333 for more information.

Jayden Images

The photographers are offering free photo sessions to families who have lost their photos due to flooding. They have extended the offer to all emergency responders working to help flood victims.
Contact them at 403-875-6593 or go to

Michael Cudjoe Fine Art

The photographer is offering free photo sessions to those affected by the flood, and will work to get damaged wedding albums reprinted.
Call 1-855-267-6067 ext. 200 or go to


Free Childcare

People are offering free childcare to those affected by the floods, so parents can clean up.

YYC Helps

The website is working to link up volunteers with those needing help. Go to to sign up.


Neighbour Link is working to link volunteers and donors to those who need assistance.


YYC Coffee Run

A group is gathering donations to bring coffee and donuts to fire halls, police stations and military posts:

SE Calgary Community Resource Centre

The resource centre is able to assist with basic needs including emergency food hampers. It also offers a computer lab, telephone and fax services as well as a clothing room for those in need.
They are also accepting donations of clothing and footwear, bedding, pillows and gift cards.
2734 76 Ave. SE or call 403-720-3322

Olga’s Fabric Lane

The store is asking anyone with donations of clothing or non-perishable food items or cleaning products to drop them off at their location, and they will deliver them to the appropriate organization.
They are also asking for donations of grad dresses to donate to students in High River who lost their gowns.
4243 Bow Trail S.W. or call 403-242-2545

Timberwest Railings Ltd.

The company is setting up a donation collection area in Bragg Creek, and is calling for donations of clothing or non-perishable food items which they will deliver to the appropriate organization.
You can drop off donations at their location in Barlow Centre: Bay J 8080 35 Street S.E.


Calgary, Voted Canada’s Best Place to Raise a Family

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Not only was Calgary voted Canada’s best place to live but it can now add Canada’s best place to raise a family to its list of accomplishments.

Money Sense ranked Calgary as Canada’s best city to raise a family, largely due to its high average income combined with low taxes…Some of the advantages of living in a booming city!

The main figures that lead to Calgary being ranked in first place are as follows:

Percentage of population under the age of 15: 17.90%

Percentage of families with kids: 47.95

Daycare spaces per 1,000: 22.03

Average monthly daycare fee: $726


If you are looking to move your family to Calgary and want some more information about this fantastic city click here

If you would like to receive a relocation package from us please click here




Spring Cleaning Checklist From The HSH Team

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

As March brings around the warm weather and longer days, it is also time for the usual festivities to welcome the season, SPRING CLEANING time!!!! Yep, we grunt, whine and procrastinate, but we all have to do it. By using this “Must Do” checklist as a guideline, you will be able to mark this “mission impossible” as “mission COMPLETE”!!!


1. Clean the kitchen.
Do a vertical sweep from one end of the kitchen to the other going from top to bottom.
Wipe cabinets
Clean appliances, inside and out, around, behind, on the sides
Clean pantry, throw away all expired and donate non-perishables to your local charity
Remove all items from the counters and cupboards and give them a good wipe with just soap and water
Remove light fixtures if possible to give a good cleaning and replace burnt-out bulbs

2. Windows, windows and more windows.
Wipe the interior of your windows, tracks, frames, sills, and screens. Use glass cleaner and newspaper to clean storm windows inside and out. A can of compressed air is great for cleaning out the crevices between the windows.
Wash and clean window treatments. If you have mini-blinds, the best way is to remove them and clean with water and dish detergent in the bathtub.
Powerwash the exterior of windows – recruit some help if you need to by hiring a window cleaner (ask me for my preferred suppliers)

3. Re-organize Closets.
Store away all the winter clothing and coats and bring out the lighter clothing
Donate all the items you no longer need
Clean boots before storing them away
Purchase vacuum storage bags to create more space

4. Vents and hidden dust.
Clean or replace the furnace filters and vacuum all heating vents
Clean and dust the ceiling fans that have been neglected
Don’t forget bookcases. Clear all items, donate unwanted items, and wipe down the top, shelves and sides, vacuum behind
Dust lampshades, picture frames, remove cushions from sofas and armchairs and beat the dust outdoors, vacuum underneath the cushions

5. Freshen up bedding.
Strip all bedding and launder all washables, including sheets, mattress pads, blankets, pillowcases. Store the heavier winter quilts after a good wash. Pillows can be drycleaned or tossed in the dryer for an air tumble (check label first). Matresses can be vacuumed and turned to promote evenness.

6. Floors, carpets and rugs.
It’s a great time to clean carpets by renting a deep-clean machine at your local hardware store or hire a professional carpet cleaner (again, ask me if you want me to refer you to a good supplier)
Some throw-rugs can be laundered and hung outside, along with area rugs, to soak in some fresh spring air
Clean under the large area rugs
Why not spruce up the living room arrangement while you’re at it?
Give the floors in each room a thorough sweeping and cleaning
Give stairs a good sweeping and use a pencil eraser to remove shoe scuffs

7. The forgotten items we see every day.
Walls – washing walls is one of the most neglected tasks throughout the year. To clean walls, prepare two plastic dish tubs, one containg cleaning solution and the other plain water for rinsing, two large rags again one for cleaning and one for rinsing, towel for drying, scrub brush for tough stains, and a mop for high places. The cleanser I like to use is called TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) but wear gloves and keep out of reach of children because this cleanser is a bit harsh.
Other cleaners will work as well if you can’t find TSP like plain soap and water, water and vinegar or Pinesol.
Baseboards – vacuum, wash with warm water and dish washing soap, and follow up with dry cloth. TIME SAVING TIP: run a dryer sheet over clean baseboards to repel future dirt, pet hair, etc.


Calgary’s February Housing Market Statistics from the Home Sweet Home Team

Friday, March 1st, 2013

 Total residential sales for the month of February 2013 totaled 1,711 units, a one per cent decline over the previous year. Accounting for the leap year in 2012, activity in the single family market resembles last year’s activity. However, even with one less day in the February 2013 figures, condominium sales have made significant gains increasing by 13 per cent relative to February 2012.
Year-over-year single family sales growth totaled 1,209 units in the month of February, as supply levels continued to decline, limiting choice for those in the market.

“When new product comes onto the market, buyers are not delaying their purchasing decisions as the majority of homes are selling in less time at prices closer to their list price,” said CREB® President Becky Walters. “The tighter market conditions have supported price growth, however despite the current gains, single family home prices remain below the unadjusted benchmark high of $451,000.”
The unadjusted single family benchmark price for February 2013 was $442,500, a 1.3 per cent increase over the previous month and nine per cent higher than levels recorded in February 2012.
“With less selection in the single family market, particularly at the lower price ranges, more consumers are turning to the condominium market,” said Ann-Marie Lurie, CREB® Chief Economist. “Throughout the downturn there were more single family homes priced under $400,000. However, over the past few years the number of new single family listings in this range represents a declining share of the market, leaving consumers looking for more affordable products.”
Improved sales activity combined with reductions in total inventory levels have provided room for growth in condominium prices. The condominium apartment benchmark price totaled $252,900 in February 2013, a six per cent increase over the previous year.

Meanwhile, townhouse condominium prices recorded a year-over-year increase of 4.7 per cent for a total of $283,200 in February.
“During the boom years, Calgary experienced significant growth in the employment sector and shortages in housing supply, ultimately creating frenzy amongst consumers driving up prices at unsustainable rates,” said Lurie. “Condominium prices have since corrected, and while the current price gains are a sign of recovery, the unadjusted condominium apartment and townhome benchmark prices still remain 14 per cent below the peak levels.”

While the average price reflects record levels in Calgary, those numbers can be misleading,” said Walters. “Last year there were more home sales in the higher-end segment of the Calgary market compared to 2007, and this trend has continued into 2013, causing the average price to rise above peak levels.”
CREB® focuses on the benchmark price which is based on the attributes of the home including repeat sales. This pricing methodology provides a better indication of how prices for similar properties have trended over time.
“While our economy does not reflect growth recorded pre-recession and continues to be plagued by short term risk, consumers are feeling confident about the long term prospects of this city and continue to support growth in our housing sector.” Said Lurie.


Calgary MLS Record Sale in Aspen Woods

Thursday, February 28th, 2013



If you didn’t think the real estate market was crazy in Calgary this might change your mind. On Wednesday, February 27th an Aspen Woods home sold for a whopping $10.35 million. This sets the record for the highest MLS sale price ever recorded in Calgary!

If you want to take advantage of the HOT market, give us a call today and we would love to be the one’s to list your home.

If you want to take a look at the photo gallery of this breath taking home many describe as a “French Castle” follow the link below.

Home Related Tax Deduction Tips from the HSH Team

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Unfortunately that dreadful time of the year is upon us…Tax season.

To help burden that tax pain we have a few home related tax deduction tips that can help you save some extra moola and help keep the hands out of your pocket this season!


1) Sell, make a profit, and don’t pay a nickel in taxes.
Most people are already aware that any capital gain on the sale of your principal residence is considered tax-free profit. But in order to not step out of bounds with the Canada Revenue Agency make sure you and your family unit only designate one property as a principal residence.

A family unit, for tax purposes, consists of you, your spouse (or common-law partner) and any unmarried children under the age of 18.

Ordinarily you have to inhabit a place regularly to call it your principle residence, although there are options to designate a recreational property as a primary residence. This is best done when there’s been little appreciation on your city-home, but a spike in value on your cottage. But talk to a tax specialist to confirm the best way of going about this.

2) Get a 15-year tax-free loan from yourself.
The Home Buyer’s Plan allows you to borrow, tax-free, up to $25,000 from your RRSP for the purpose of buying or building a home. The great news is that each half of a couple can withdraw up to $25,000, tax-free, from their own RRSPs. But you must be first-time homebuyers. And you cannot have owned or occupied your own home up to four years before the year you made the withdrawal.

You will be required to pay 1/15th of the loan each year for the next 15 years. But there will be no interest charges and no taxes incurred.

3) Cash in on being a first-time homebuyer.
In 2009 the federal government introduced a new tax credit for first-time home buyers:
o If you buy a home and you and your spouse haven’t owned a home in the last five years then you are entitled to a tax credit.
o The maximum credit is worth $750 and may be claimed by either spouse, or both, as long as the total doesn’t exceed $750.

4) Live the dream and work from home.
By creating a home-based business—even a part-time business—you are entitled to claim a deduction for a portion of home costs. This includes: mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities, repairs, landscaping and maintenance costs.

Just remember that you have to have a reasonable expectation of profit in order for the business to be legitimate, according to the tax man.

5) Make your home pay you.
Another way to claim a deduction for a portion of home costs is to rent out a room or part of your residence to a tenant.

Your property is still considered your principal residence (even it’s used to earn income) as long as the revenue-generating portion of your home is not the main use of your home.

Also, don’t make any structural changes to your home or claim any capital cost allowance deductions.

6) Move to get a bigger tax deduction.
If you move 40 kilometres closer to work or school and you could be eligible for some serious deductions.

That’s because almost every expense associated with moving can be deducted. This includes the cost of selling your old home and purchasing your new home, including realtor commissions, legal fees, even your mortgage penalties are dollar-for-dollar tax deductible.

You can also deduct all travelling expenses, such as fuel and maintenance for your car as well as transportation and storage costs, including insurance, for your household effects. This includes up to 15 days of meals and temporary accommodation, while travelling to the new home, as well as the cost of revising legal documents, such as driver’s license or utility hook-ups.

But be forewarned: a teammate on my brother’s hockey team, who is also a tax lawyer, confessed that the deductions can be so lucrative that people who claim moving expenses will often get red flagged by the CRA. Of course, if everything is above board, a little scrutiny may be worth it for a $5,000 or more tax deduction.

7) Renovate for medical reasons.
If you have mobility issues and you require renovations you may be able to claim this expense. Just remember that medical expense reimbursements need to fall within a 12-month period ending in the current tax year.



A Rise in First Time Homebuyers in Alberta

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

A recent national survey sent out to prospective buyers in Alberta reports that over the next two years Alberta will see a rise in first time homebuyers. If this is any indication, Albertans remain confident in the marketing heading in to 2013 and the future.

Even more surprising is that 20% of the prospective buyers that plan to buy in the near future are single. Calgarians no matter the demographic, remain confident that the market will continue its recent success and housing values will continue to rise.

The Bow Tower and Peace Bridge Ranked in Top Ten Architecture Projects for 2012

Monday, January 21st, 2013

The Bow Tower and the Peace Bridge are putting Calgary on the architectural map after both were found on Azure Magazine’s top ten architectural projects of 2012.

Making this recognition even more impressive is the fact that Calgary was the only Canadian city named to the list, and the only city featured twice in the top 10.

We love the identity that Calgary is developing. Now we can look forward to even more projects becoming global landmarks!

New Home Sweet Home Listing! 1009 Drury Av NE

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Home Sweet Home – Character 3 bedroom 2 bath home close to downtown.This Stunning and Contemporary loft style home boasts 18+ windows with a 3 storey high view of downtown Calgary. Tons of upgrades. A new kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The spacious upper floor top consists of the master bedroom and the gorgeous 5-piece en suite with a Jacuzzi tub, and his and her glass vessel sinks. Chic and modern the home is perfect for a couple looking to be in close proximity to downtown. The lower level space includes a home theater room/ den with a small window for added light. A storage room and unique space that showcases more of the fantastic views this home has to offer.Great opportunity for redevelopment. Come and take a look today.

Take a look at our feature listings page for more information on this and all of our other listings.

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