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Maximizing Your Homes Curb Appeal in the Fall

Friday, August 30th, 2013

139 Grand Oaks 3

It seems like just yesterday summer was beginning with all the fun activities that come along with it such as having barbeques in your backyards with friends and family, camping, swimming and more. Now in what seems like a blink of an eye,  fall is here. As fall marks a transition from summer to winter, you will notice a change in the outdoor appearance of your home.

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors that potential home buyers look for when purchasing. Here are some landscaping and style tips to increase the curb appeal of your home; the attractiveness of the exterior of your home.

  • Planting Fall Flowers: Now that summer is over it doesn’t mean you have to give up gardening for the year. Enhance your garden with fall blooming flowers such as chrysanthemums, colchiums, and asters.
  • Highlight Your Front Door: A colorful painted door and an ornament such as a wreath can make your home a lot more inviting.
  • Maintaining a Tidy Exterior: Increase the attractiveness of your home by making sure the exterior of your home is in immaculate condition. Complete maintenance tasks such as touching up older paint, siding and shingles.
  • Getting Rid of Those Pesky Leaves: If you have trees near or on your property you know how tedious of a job this is. However, cleaning the leaves out of your gutter and raking them off your yard makes it look that much more appealing.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Brightening up your home with simple but thoughtful lighting fixtures will make it more welcoming.
  • Complimentary Decorations: Use benches, chairs, flower pots and other decorations that complement the exterior of your home.

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Calgary Ranked 5th Most Liveable City in the World

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

According to the Global Liveability Ranking and Report August 13 by Economic Intelligence Unit, Calgary was ranked the 5th most liveable city in the world!!

Calgary 5th most liveable city

Calgary is joined in the top 5 by Vancouver and Toronto, who finished as number 3 and 4 respectively. These are exciting times for our great city of Calgary, as Calgary has also been named one of the top most 10 prosperous cities in the world and one of the top places to raise a family.

In terms of which factors ranked the highest, Calgary received a perfect score of 100 for healthcare, education, and stability. These are 3 of the categories that are of the highest importance and therefore carry a higher weighting. Calgary also ranked very high in regards to its infrastructure and culture & environment.

Rounding out the top 5 in front of the 3 Canadian cities are Melbourne, Australia and Vienna, Austria.

List of the Top Ten Cities


Most liveable cities picture

Source: Global Liveability Ranking and Report August 13

This is truly an exciting time for Calgary, we are receiving tons of global recognition and our real estate market is busier than it has been in some time. We are the Home Sweet Home Team and we are your Calgary Real Estate Connection. If you are interested in moving to our amazing city of Calgary and would like more information on it please Click Here.

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Price Drop- 244 Hawkmere Way

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Our exquisite 3 bed, 2.5 bath home located in the Chestermere community of Westmere has just had its price reduced from $600,000 to $580,000. This is a pretty substantial drop in price. Our seller is very motivated and willing to offer such great value to sell their home as soon as possible.

Located just a few minute drive from Calgary, Chestermere offers the perfect combination of a quiet community with quick access to the big city life of Calgary and all the amenities that come with it!

Price Drop - 244 Hawkmere WY

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NEW LISTING – Condo For Sale in STELLA

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Check out our new Home Sweet Home Team listing situated in one of downtown Calgary’s most desirable condominium buildings, the Stella at #1801 1110 11 St SW, Calgary!

#1801 1110 11 ST SW  AD

This 1 bed, 1 bath unit on the 18th floor has been recently updated with new hardwood floors and has absolutely spectacular city views. Don’t wait long on this one as suites in the Stella rarely come on the market and there will be lots of demand. Contact Us at the Home Sweet Home team today for More Details on this Calgary property or to schedule your own private viewing!



THANK YOU From the Home Sweet Home Team!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

We wanted to take a second to thank all of our clients, business & referral partners, friends, and family on another great first half of the year and a strong 2nd quarter. Without everyone’s support this success would not be achievable!

2013 2nd Quarter Recognition Awards

It feels great to be recognized by Century 21 Canada on our performance but we wanted to make sure we recognized all of you. We wouldn’t be a top producing Calgary Real Estate Team without you!

We are looking forward to trying to ride this momentum in to 2014 and finishing the year strong. If there is anyway that we can you help you or anyone that you know buy or sell a Calgary property please Contact Us today. If you are looking to sell there is no better time. The lack of quality inventory is pushing prices upwards turning the Calgary Market in to a sellers market. On the other hand, if you are wanting to buy a property, prices are predicted to increase even higher so it is still a great time to purchase.

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OPEN HOUSE- 227 Church Ranches

Friday, August 16th, 2013

This Saturday, August 17th we will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE at 227 Church Ranches from 1-4 PM. This open house is open to both the public and realtors®. A barbeque including refreshments and live music will be provided.

This 3.43 acre plot of land for sale is located in the outskirts of Calgary and has private lake access and access to over 70 acres of parks and pathways.

For more details please Contact Us today!


227 Church Ranches- OPEN HOUSE FLYER


Thursday, August 15th, 2013


Victorian or Colonial revival? Modern or contemporary?

Even if you’re just curious, knowing the style of a home can be helpful for buying, selling, remodeling or decorating.

Deborah Burns, executive director of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, said many homes have easily identifiable styles — a Colonial has a symmetrical facade, a small portico and a center hall, and a bungalow has a central roof dormer and a foundation made with patterned concrete blocks. But she also cautions that not all resources offer the correct information, and not all homes have a set style. It’s hardest to pin down suburban homes, she said.

“If you get into suburban home developments, I’m just not sure style was paramount in the design,” Burns said.

Burns said some real estate agents will incorrectly assign a home style based on one particular element, such as the window style or roof. This is because many homes now are built in a way that mixes elements of varying styles and cannot be clearly defined.

“The homes don’t necessarily conform to any single style,” Burns said. “That’s not to say they all don’t, but most don’t. A brick split-level home isn’t necessarily a Colonial style. I think builders felt free to borrow elements from styles they liked.”

If you’re curious about your home’s style, Burns suggests checking town or county resources first. Residents of the Ashton Heights neighborhood in Arlington, Va., for example, have a design guide provided by the county’s Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development. The guide identifies the historical neighborhood’s common styles: Colonial revival, Tudor revival, American foursquare and bungalow. The guide offers breakdowns of each type, along with tips on renovations such as windows and walkways.

Burns also said her go-to style reference is “What Style Is It: A Guide to American Architecture,” by John C. Poppeliers, S. Allen Chambers Jr. and Nancy Schwartz, calling it “the single most referred-to book for American architecture.”

Having a bungalow or Victorian-style home can guide interior design decisions, including window treatments and furniture. Lisa Adams of Adams Design in Washington said a home’s exterior often is a good indicator of a homeowner’s taste.

“If they are design-conscious, there is a reason they’ve selected a house,” Adams said. “Usually people are relatively consistent in their preferences. If you live in a Colonial with antique furniture, that’s your style.”

“Modern is all about positive and negative,” Adams added. “The windows are sort of piercing through the exterior. The walls and cabinetry are very minimalistic. It is very geometric, and you have to pay attention to the geometry. Color is a factor, but you don’t want it to overwhelm.”

Adams, who worked for an architectural firm before becoming an interior designer, said she enjoys working with all of the common styles.

Some of her favorites?

“I love the Cape Cod, and I lived in a Georgian house,” she said. “Even Gothic revival is charming. And who wouldn’t love to live in a Victorian?”


Lisa Adams of Adams Design in Washington and architect/designer Charles Almonte of Silver Spring, Md., offer their take on some of the styles found across the United States.

Smaller windows, a pitched roof and a front porch are characteristic of this early 20th-century style, Adams said.

“The interior of the space tends to be more first floor, very little second, and tends to be dark because you have a front porch covering the windows. For the design, you have to take that into account. It’s very pretty.”

Near a beach? Bungalow-style homes are commonly found by the water, Adams said. “Everyone has a front porch so they can be outside, and you want it to be dark inside if you’ve had too much sun.”

If that’s the case, Adams said, homeowners might need extra lighting — floor lamps, recessed lighting and desk lamps.










Contemporary homes are “all ceiling and glass, like homes in Los Angeles,” Adams said. Contemporary homes built with large glass windows often are meant to take advantage of a good view, she said, so it’s best to choose furniture in a sleek, minimalist style, as opposed to bulky pieces that might block those views.

“You have to make sure the furniture has very clean lines,” Adams said. “You are not usually putting a lot of patterns on top of patterns.”


Willowside Drive







A contemporary home, Adams said, is not to be confused with modern. Common in the mid- to late 20th century, modern homes are geometric, symmetrical and lack ornamentation.

“Modern architecture has a crisp, clean and tailored feel,” Almonte said. “My personal preference, though, is more towards a simple modern style. … There is a fine line between classic modern and trendy modern.”

Colonial revival

Calling it “a nod to Americana,” Almonte said this nationalistic design movement began in the late 1800s, when Americans celebrating the centennial felt nostalgic and patriotic. The style, he said, is formal but not stately or imposing. Colonial revival homes usually are rectangular and symmetrical, with double-hung windows and a pediment over the door or a small portico with columns.

Cape Cod

Traditional Cape Cod homes, originating from England in the 17th century, are square, one or 11/2 stories, with steep, gabled roofs. “Cape Cod houses were not so fancy,” Adams said.

The kitchen is the focus of many Cape Cod homes, Adams said, where families would congregate around the fire to keep warm in the cold New England winters. These homes also commonly have bedrooms on the first floor. Adams said variations now often have additions that make them asymmetrical.


This style, with its origins in 18th-century Britain, is very formal and stately, Almonte said. Brick is the primary exterior material, with moldings for embellishment.

“Some might say it’s ‘oppressive’ because of its connection to the British monarchy,” he said. “The style gives off a feeling of security and protection.”

Gothic revival

Born from a revival of medieval-era style in the 18th century, Gothic revival homes have “a lot of elements that give it more of a gingerbread frill,” Adams said. “It’s pretty. I would expect wood paneling and exposed beams. It would be relatively dark. You might expect a huge fireplace in the entrance hall, with benches around it, and a banister made of iron.”

Gothic revival homes lend themselves to heavy and ornately carved furniture and dark fabrics. To lighten this style of home, Adams said, it’s common to paint paneling white or modify the windows and lighting to help brighten and illuminate the space.


Federal homes are intentionally extravagant, Adams said. The late 18th-century style typically features a center hall, a Palladian window, an arched and columned door, and a high ceiling.

Federal homes were built by those who wanted to show off their wealth, Adams said, but borrowed the basic structure of a Georgian home.

“They are spending their money, and they want to show it,” she said. “They are just grand. It’s supposed to be imposing.”


Almonte had a simple definition for these single-story homes with rectangular shape and low rooflines: “nondescript.”

“They have no particular character or defining features,” he said. “The style is inspired by the Prairie style, but unfortunately this is the stripped-down version of the Prairie. It has no embellishments.”

Adams said ranch homes, first built in the 20th century, are practical for aging adults and families with young children.












The style is defined by the ornamentation of the prosperous Victorian era (mid- to late 19th century), including curved towers and spindled porches.

Victorians are decorated “pattern on pattern, texture on texture,” Adams said.

To furnish the interior of a Victorian home, Adams said, she would pull from elements of the time period, but it is not a style on which to base a whole room. “Most people couldn’t live that way, and that’s true with all of these styles.”

SOURCE: By MARGARET ELY — The Washington Post

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OPEN HOUSE – 244 Hawkmere Way

Friday, August 9th, 2013

We are having an open house tomorrow, Saturday August 10, 2013 from 1-3 PM at 244 Hawkmere Way.

This exquisite home is located in the wonderful Chestermere community of Westmere. This house just came on the market and will not last long. It is in mint condition!

Please Contact Us today for more details on this home!

New Home Sweet Home Listing – 244 Hawkmere Way

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Take a look at our new listing located at 244 Hawkmere Way, in the great community of Westmere, located in the lovely – quiet town of Chestermere!

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, August 10th from 1-3 PM. HOME SWEET HOME! This beautiful, family home has gorgeous cherry hardwood floors and cabinets. This home features a stunning open concept kitchen that is equipped with stainless steel appliances and a breakfast nook. The main floor also features a huge pantry and laundry room. You can entertain your guests with built-in 7.1 Surround sound speaker system. The upper level has a vaulted bonus room, 2 good sized rooms and a master bedroom with a gorgeous ensuite. Ensuite has jetted tub, Dual head shower, his and her walk-in closets and vanity. Basement is unfinished and is ready for your touch. The basement is fully insulated and has rough in for a bathroom. The backyard has a large deck with mountain views and rough in for a hot tub. This home won’t last long! Book your showing today!

Contact Us at the Home Sweet Home Team today if you would like more details on this great Chestermere property or if you would like to book a showing!

Record Setting July for Calgary’s Luxury Home Market

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Once again, Calgary’s luxury homes real estate market is setting new records!

In the month of July 2013, 70 luxury homes, homes above the sales price of $1M were sold in Calgary as reported by CREB. This sets a record total for Calgary luxury home sales in a July. Last year there were just 42 luxury homes sold in the month of July, making this years sales a 66% increase over July 2012.

This years luxury real estate market is greatly outpacing last years as 470 homes have been sold so far as compared to 344 at this point last year. Not only was this a record setting July but more luxury homes have been sold in the past 6 month period than any other year, excluding 2012.

If you are a luxury homeowner and are considering selling, the market is very HOT and it is a great time to get the most for your home! Our Fine Homes & Estates Specialist, Julie Vesuwalla, would be more than happy to provide you with a free market evaluation of your Calgary home.

 On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase a Calgary property it is still a great time as prices are quickly on the rise. Contact Us at the Home Sweet Home Team TODAY! We are your CALGARY CONNECTION!


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